Title: Breathing’s Just A Rhythm (Chapter 10/12)

Author: MirabileLectu

Warnings: Attempted Suicide

Summary: After failing his CPL exam for the fifth time, Martin is ready to give up. But a young doctor is determined to help him put his life back together and refuses to give up on him.

Chapter Summary: There had been a time when shared quietness had been comfortable, when fidgeting had vanished with happy comfort, when Martin and John had not needed to worry about how best to speak to each other. That time was past now, and the years in between had done their friendship no favors.

(Chapters 12345678, 9)

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  2. tygermama said: I was all “MARTIN, YOU WONDERFUL WOOBIEPANTS, YOU!” after this chapter. I loved how he stood up for himself and how of course he forgave John, he’s been in that despairing position before, he knows what it’s like to need someone. *martinfeelsallover*