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I started following you because I read one of your fics, and I loved it. But I didn't start following you right away. It was probably a few weeks later, when I kept seeing you on the Cabin Pressure tag, and I realized it was you I kept seeing on your dash, and those had been your fics, I followed you. And a question: Are there any renditions/versions/adaptations of anything you wish you saw more of? Okay. I think that's it. Also I love you. Bye.

You are lovely, thank you. <3

Ooo, that’s a great question, and a really tough one. I kind of wish there were more well-written historical AU fics out there, because there aren’t many (that I’ve found) and I love them to bits. One of my favorite Sherlock fics ever is A Study in Blue, which is a Jazz era AU that is FABULOUS and I wish there were more stories like that. Of course by saying that I am setting myself up for disappointment because I am nitpicky as HELL when it comes to historical stuff, but I do wish there was more. 

  1. bluesrat said: I’m reccing you right this minute to Lotherington’s “Long Ago and Far Away” series, if you haven’t read it yet. WWII era Sherlock. Just stunningly executed, both in characterization and era.
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