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"#and John would have never gone back to Sherlock" - OF COURSE John would have gone back to Sherlock. I also don't think that Mary is completely selfish, and John valued her opinion on Sherlock (he must have been secretely happy later that she liked him instantly) - but god, of course John would have gone back to Sherlock, Mary has nothing to do with it. John was STILL a mess when he proposed to Mary, he came back to life with Sherlock's "resurrection", John will always come to Sherlock.

Ok, let me clarify what I meant there because I wrote those tags super late last night and I didn’t write down everything that I was thinking (because wow no one wants to read that kind of novel in tags). I’m once again in a bit of a rush because I’m taking the time to answer this at work, but I’ll do my best to be clearer this time.

What I was reacting to there wasn’t the level-headed take on Mary that you expressed. You’re right, in most circumstances John would absolutely go back to Sherlock – that’s what he does because they are best friends and soul mates and everything else that they are. And if she had just been negative that one time, or even a few more times, that wouldn’t have changed anything. They might have fought about it, but you are very right about the fact that the pull of John to Sherlock is a very difficult thing to break, no matter the circumstances.

What I was ACTUALLY trying to comment on was the much more bull-headed, idiotic view of Mary that I have unfortunately seen expressed multiple times on this website that tries to paint her as not only selfish, but so selfish that it goes over into evil. That she always wants John just for herself and no one else, which was her end-goal for shooting Sherlock. I’ve even seen it said in a post that had so many notes it made me sick that she shot Sherlock because she could only have John all to herself when he was mourning Sherlock, so she wanted to kill him so they could go back to the way they were before he returned.

And that’s bullshit. That’s absolute bullshit because if that were really true, if she were really THAT selfish, she would have done what I described in those tags. John was full of self-righteous anger, hurt, and indignation in that moment, and if Mary had really wanted him all to herself she could have nurtured those seeds until they came into full bloom. Just a few words here and there to affirm how angry he was, over and over again so that he wouldn’t have reconnected with Sherlock when he did, wouldn’t have been kidnapped, wouldn’t have ended up on that train car, and wouldn’t have had the same re-bonding experience that they ended up sharing. And if Mary is TRULY as diabolical and horrible as people loooove to make her out to be, she could have made sure that happened because she’s obviously an evil mastermind capable of wrapping everyone around her little finger for her own nefarious purposes. Clearly.

What’s even more ridiculous about the whole presumption that I tried and failed to elucidate on there because I’ve said it a bunch of times before now, is that Mary pushing John back to Sherlock here and later on is actually an extremely selfless act on her part. She’s an ex-agent on the run from her old life, which means that her number 1 priority is laying low and avoiding detection. So who’s the WORST person to come crashing into her life? Sherlock Holmes the detective who can tell a person’s whole life by looking at them and who has a ridiculous penchant for getting into very high-profile trouble. Like, national news headlines trouble that attracts all sorts of unwanted attention to him and his best friend. By all rights she SHOULD have kept John away from him to keep herself safe, but she didn’t. She knew that John needed Sherlock, and after a while she knew that Sherlock needed John, and she acted against her well-being and self interest to put them back together.

And THAT’S why she’s not selfish. 

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wow brittany this first part is WONDERFUL (please make moreee) (i hope you're doing fantastically dear !) - sophie

Ahhh thank you dearest! I’m going to try to get some more finished by being sneaky at work and writing little snippets when no one is looking, or if I’m really bold I can just work on it and pretend that it’s actually what I’m supposed to be doing. We’ll see what happens…

I hope you’re doing well too! I miss you bunches, but I hope that you’re off having wonderful adventures and that everything is lovely <3

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Thanks to you I started listening to Carbon Leaf. Best decision ever, their music is amazing. Thank you for that & being one of the coolest person here on the internet. I hope the writer's block goes away soon <3

Ooooohhhh YAY! I love when I can turn new people on to their music - 98% of the time when I get asked what my favorite band is my answer gets a blank stare and a “Who??”, and I love those guys so much that I basically want everyone to listen to their music. If you get the chance, you absolutely must go to one of their live shows because they are seriously even better in person. SO much fun.

And thank you so much darling, on both fronts. I sincerely doubt that I’m the coolest person on the internet (I mean, have you seen some of the art people make around here?) but I will take the compliment all the same. I’m really hoping the block will shift sometime so I can get back to actually contributing things so I can maybe deserve some of it….

You’re wonderful darling, thank you <3

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5 & 12

5. a fictional character influential in your understanding of your sexuality

Honestly? Willow Rosenberg. Because she showed me that it’s not a straight line to be defined one way or another, and that was probably the most valuable thing that 16 year old me could have learned.

12. miscellaneous stuff about you that is different because of a story you heard once i guess i’m all out

Uh um ok well I just looked over at my bookshelf for ideas and the first thing that came to mind is how much I’ve carried Merlin’s lessons from The Sword and the Stone with me. My mom read The Once and Future King to me when I was like 8 or so, and she made a point to linger on the lessons of the ants and the geese. I remember very distinctly my mom asking me if I would have wanted to be an ant or a goose, and not only did that question stick with me for a long time but the drive to make my mom proud to be more like a goose has really been a shaping influence on me.

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4 & 10?

4. a fictional character who made you feel not alone

Oooh there are a lot of possible answers I could give for this question, but I think in this case my first gut instinct is going to be the right one here. Eowyn is one of the first characters that I remember powerfully, viscerally connecting with in literature as an 11 year old who had just found the first books that ever sung to her, and that’s a deep memory that’s never quite gone away since. At first I didn’t really know why I liked her so much, besides the whole total badass thing, but as I’ve grown up and I’ve matured with this story and these characters she’s come to mean even more to me. Because she’s difficult, and she’s flawed, and she’s broken and hurting and so many other things that we don’t often see in characters who also happen to be women,  and even in the face of her sadness she still accomplishes incredible things. She uses her pain as strength and then goes on to rise above it, and her example has been a guiding light in my life for a very long time.

10. speech/physical mannerisms you learned from fiction

Well I’ve definitely picked up an embarrassing number of the 11th Doctor’s mannerisms. I’m not quite at the point of saying Geronimo but almost anything else is fair game. 

Another slightly random one is an obscure Buffy quote that literally no one ever gets. Whenever anything goes wrong or goes missing for inexplicable reasons I blame it on Sid the Wiley _____ Gnome. Missing keys? Sid the Wiley Key Gnome. Broken light? Sid the Wiley Electrical Gnome.

One day someone will understand my reference and it will be beautiful.

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1 and 7?

1. What’s the worst fanfic you’ve ever written/have thought about writing?

Well the worst one that I’ve published is probably the first one on my AO3 profile right now. It’s just…not great. Now if we’re going with things I’ve just written without worrying about publishing, there is some AWFUL shit in my drafts folder that will never see the light of day for very good reasons. And that’s not even mentioning the garbage I wrote when I was like 13. It’s gone for good and it’s gonna fucking stay that way.

7. What is your fandom guilty pleasure?

Oh man, I don’t really know? I’m not quite sure what would even qualify as a guilty pleasure for fandom, fandom kind of encompasses that all by itself. But if I really had to pick one thing it’d probably be the crack videos that pair up moments with funny songs. I love them. I love how stupid they are, how clever they can be, how they make me laugh every single time. They’re the best.

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Eheh thank you for answering anyway! And definitely, women are always forgotten, it pisses me off. But as they say, the men who write history are the ones that make hystory. What we know today are what someone deemed important enough to write or create art about. And the common women, as in not goddesses or muses or whatever, didn't fit the bill. Ugh.1/2

2/2 Reminds of smth I read once, about how it was found what was thought to be one of the earliest calendars and it was a bone with about 30 knive marks. And they were so confused as why, why 30 days, what made them have that notion of time, of a month? Took take them so long to realise that women were the ones with a reason to keep track of time because, period? And how maybe they were the ones making the paintings because they didn’t hunt? Historical silence, isn’t what it’s called ?

Historical silence is exactly what it is, and when you study history it’s one of those things that once you start noticing it it’s very difficult to unsee it. Things start getting a little bit better as you progress through time, but as a student of ancient history and culture it’s honestly pretty bleak. I took exactly one class on women in the ancient world, and a depressing amount of it was “Well, here’s what we think happened and here’s what some dudes said about it. Care to discuss?”

It’s interesting that you bring up common women vs. goddesses and muses actually, because confusing the two is a fairly common trend I see around and especially on tumblr. The way mythology is interpreted on here is…interesting to say the least, and I think a lot of people would benefit a lot if they remembered that the myths we know now were made by men. I mean, I love Athena as much as the next woman but when you get down to the cold hard facts she was a goddess of the patriarchy. She hated women, she punished them for stepping out of line, she helped only heroes, the whole thing. Same with Hera - why do you think she punished the women that Zeus raped? The story of Persephone is the worst offender on tumblr in particular. I’m all about retelling myths and legends in your own light, but you HAVE to remember that the original story was in no way a love story about the healing presence of a woman on the cold and brooding lord of the dead. It’s a simple myth that explains the change of the seasons with the added bonus of justifying why it’s ok to sell your daughter to her uncle. Myths may feature women, but they were made by men. Always.

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I had a class where we talked about that as well, it was soo interesting! But, putting the Roman case aside, what do you think of how it was in Ancient Greece?

Oof, I’m afraid you’ve caught me out in on the fact that Greece is not really my specialty. I focused on Rome for almost all of my academic career, so while I studied Greek as a language, literature, and specific aspects of the culture, I’m definitely not an expert on this. If you want to talk about the contradictions and paradoxical natures of Sparta and Athens in respect to personal liberty and the treatment of women, or about the Iliad, or mystery cults, I’m your gal. I can give this a go if you’d like though, just take it with a grain of salt.

A lot of the conceptions that we and those who came before us have about sexuality in Ancient Greece are not super accurate. There’s this notion that it was all gay orgies all the time, a notion that had roots even in Rome where one of the worst things you could associate a respectable person with was a Hellenistic lifestyle. But it wasn’t quite the hedonist paradise that the stick-up-their-ass-Romans fantasized about (because if it was they wouldn’t have had time to do philosophy or build things or do anything because they’d have been too busy doing each other). As prettyarbitrary pointed out in the original post I reblogged, a lot of the same ideas about sexuality and dominance that the Romans took and made stricter (as they were wont to do) came from Greek society as well. Basically, this is my super waffly way of saying that it was complicated and it is so not my area of expertise. 

What I’m personally way more interested in is a subject that we know woefully little about, and that’s female sexuality in Ancient Greece. Forget rich dudes banging each other at dinner parties, I want to know about the ladies who never got a say in anything at all, much less their history. I want to know about the women who were at times literally locked away in the upper stories of their homes with only each other for company and compassion and love. We have such tantalizing fragments in Sappho’s poetry, and I’d give anything to know more.

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Surprise beautiful person! One you get this, you must put into 8 people's ask (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing bad will happen, but it's nice to know that someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out. Help spread Anon love, not hate.

Thank you nonny! I had some not-so-nice anon messages in my inbox today, so this one was just what I needed <3

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Whichever number you really wish someone would ask?

What would you name your future daughter?

I’ve always been really partial to the name Rhiannon but I would never subject an actual child to that torment, so the current front runners are Penelope and Helena

Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?

Pretty much all of the people who are most important to me can make me smile no matter what. Whether it’s my boyfriend making a stupid face at me or my best friend with a silly tweet or online friends sending messages when I need them, if I love you there’s a 100% chance it’s because you make me smile.