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2., 3., 17., and 19! :D

2. Would you date an 18-year-old at the age you are now?

Oh my god, absolutely not. It’s not technically that big of an age gap (although when you’re in your twenties seven years can be a lot) but oh my god I think about being 18 and the 18 year olds I knew and no. Never.

3. When’s the last time you were aggravated and happy at the same time?

Uhh, I’m not really sure? That’s a pretty specific feeling…well I guess I was kinda aggravated but happy today during pilates because I was really struggling with one of the moves but I could tell that I’ve already made a fair amount of progress from when I started a few months ago.

17. When was the last time you cried?

Hmm. I’m…actually not coming up with anything right now? Like, I know I have cried not all that long ago but I’m having a hard time putting my finger on it. I think it might have been a time when I was freaking out about my knee. That sounds about right.

19. If you could change your eye color, would you?

Nah. I used to want blue eyes, but hazel is pretty cool I guess. I’m fine with them.

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mastermind who hides in plain sight

There’s a definite theme that I’m noticing with these answers and I am absolutely ok with it.

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If you were a villain, you'd be the sweet kind. The kind who doesn't act or dress like a villain but the kind who does what she thinks is necessary to achieve her goals with complete and utter ruthlessness but you'd still allow people a chance to follow you. If they betray your trust, you off them immediately but you did give them a chance and tell them what the consequences would be. So no one really suspects you and you'll end up ruling the world some day.

…this is quite possibly the best answer I could have ever hoped for.

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4, 14, 29

4. Is there a color shirt you’d NEVER wear?

Mmm, not really a whole color that I can think of. I’m not overly fond of orange, especially with the color my hair is dyed, but I’d consider the right shade. There are lots of shades I wouldn’t wear, like chartreuse or some shit, but I’m ok with most colors.

14. What time did you wake up today?

6:30, just like every weekday morning.

Being a grownup blows.

29. Do you have more than $50 in your room?

My gut reaction was no because since I don’t earn tips anymore I rarely have cash on me, but it occurred to me that my piggybank is completely full from when I was still earning tips. So if that’s the case then actually yes, I have somewhere around $90 in small change in a red plastic pig in my bedroom.

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(256): I woke up hugging a box of cheerios that had "wonder woman" written in sharpie on it. So much for a sober night. Pairing of your choice from MCU


The apartment was quiet, unusually so even for this time of morning. Usually there was some kind of noise in here, whether it was classic rock blasting from too-loud speakers, the sound of power tools going off in the distance, or the occasional explosion that was followed by swift cursing. But there was no sound in here at all on this Saturday morning, and for half a second Pepper allowed herself to be worried.

They were supposed to be having brunch right now on her one day in New York in between the thousand meetings that had her flying all over the world for the last two months, but Tony hadn’t showed. That in itself wasn’t too unusual, especially when he was working on a new project, but then he hadn’t answered his phone. And JARVIS hadn’t picked up. And now that she was here to pull Tony out of the workshop there was…silence. Something was wrong.

She found him a few minutes later, curled up on the floor of the kitchen drooling onto a box of Cheerios that he was hugging to himself tighter than any teddy bear. The scattered empty bottles on the counters and floors told her everything she needed to know - almost everything that was, except for why the hell he had decided to do this for himself. She set down her purse and sat down on her heels next to him with a sigh, reaching out and shaking him less than gently until he finally stirred.

"Wha - what?" He started fitfully and looked around in bleary confusion, blinking up at her with eyes dim and bloodshot. "Pepper?"

She smiled tightly, but there was no humor in it, only sadness. “Yeah Tony, it’s Pepper. It looks like you had a fun night without me.”

His gaze was blank and uncomprehending as he stared at her, and in his silence she felt her heart break. He was so strong when he had his armor to prop him up, so brave for the people who needed him, but all of his posturing and all of his grandeur meant that his edges were all the more brittle for it. And when those edges crumbled, putting them back together was all the more difficult for it.

"I tried to be good. I knew you were coming so I tried to be sober, but then…" 

His voice died, and his stare went wide, and he went somewhere that she knew that she couldn’t reach him. “You fell. Every time I closed my eyes I saw you falling, and this time I couldn’t save you. This was the only way I could make it stop, the only way I could stop seeing it -“

"Hey." She placed her hand on his cheek, pulling him back to the present with her touch and smiling gently as he looked up at her with wide and desperate eyes. "I’m here. I’m not falling anymore. You don’t have to save me."

There was a long silence as he stared at her as though he could not quite believe what she was saying, but at last some of the fear and confusion slipped away from him and he nodded slightly. That was the cue she had been looking for and she pulled him into a gentle hug, sighing gently in relief when she felt him relaxing slightly into the embrace.

"Now come on, you have a nice soft bed waiting for you and a pillow that’s way better than those Cheerios. A sober nap will do you a world of good."

It wasn’t quite the brunch she’d been looking forward to, but that was fine. A nap with Tony Stark was all the good she would ever need.

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(304):You've been dating this guy for a month now and as your best friend I have to complain that I still don't how big his dick is. Pick any two characters in the MCU. :)

It could be considered strange that they have their most candid conversations when they’re in the middle of dodging bullets and taking down enemies, but honestly neither of them had really stopped to think about it. It just sort of happened that in the moments when they caught their breath they were busy chattering away like the two old biddies their teammates called them when they thought they were out of earshot. Of course they weren’t out of earshot, but they didn’t care. This was just how they talked.

"Natasha, seriously, you have to let it go."

A knife whizzed through the air between them, and both Steve and Natasha leaned away in perfect symmetry before wheeling around to deal with the brave but stupid soul who had thought sneaking up on them would be a good idea. A quick throw of a shield later he was down like the rest of his compatriots, and they were able to continue.

"What, are you embarrassed? Ashamed, maybe?"

Steve rolled his eyes at her, somehow managing to look supremely put out while in the middle of breaking another man’s arm. “No, it’s just not something I want to talk about. Especially not while we’re working.”

A quick grin flashed out from behind a swirl of red hair as she spun to neatly shoot each of the men who had just come through the doorway. “Oh really? That good, huh?”

Steve’s silence as he took down the remaining Hydra agents who had thought that disguising themselves as a drug cartel would be enough to avoid being found could only be described as huffy. But Natasha could see the slight smirk on his face that matched hers, and she knew that she almost had him. A few minutes later silence fell that was punctuated only by pained groans from the men on the floor and their joint panting, and she turned toward him to seal the deal.

"Listen Rogers, you’ve been dating Sam Wilson for a month how, and as your unofficial best friend while your other one is AWOL I have to officially complain that I still don’t know how big his dick is. Me and the guys have a bet going."

This time he couldn’t even try to hide the smirk that took over his face, and the twinkle in his eye was enough to make even the most seasoned sailor (who wasn’t her) blush.

"Come on Natasha, you know a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell. But if you have to tell the guys something I guess you could say it’s probably, oh about a nine out of ten.”

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Sorry you are having a rough time with fandoms (esp. Sherlock). I hope you are not completely disillusioned. Here are some good vibes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Don’t worry, lovely people like you keep me from getting too pissed off at everyone. The good vibes are totally felt and gladly accepted <3

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Re your post about being over the Sherlock fandom and how it's ruined your desire to fic, I'm with you. I got fed up with being "corrected" until I just started to wonder who the fuck owns fandom and why it couldn't be fun any more. So I went dark, keep my thoughts to myself, and gave up the budding friendships I was making. It's a loss that makes me a bit sad, every day. But at least I'm no longer being pecked to death by the righteous.

Oh sweetie. I simultaneously know exactly what you mean and feel so sorry that you felt you had to take that drastic of a step to end friendships before they really got going. I consider myself very lucky that I made some very good friends who feel the same as I do or who I’m close enough with that we respect each other’s differences in opinion, but I’m honestly really sad that you didn’t get the chance. But I completely understand the need to take care of yourself like that. 

And while jumping totally back into the swing of fandom may not be your jam, I’m absolutely available for wank-free friendship if you’d like (that…sounds wrong) (uh) (my point still stands) (I’m less awkward in person) (not really)

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Hope you feel better soon! I know insomnia really sucks. *hugs*


Gosh, I just have the loveliest followers, don’t I? You all are so freakin sweet I don’t even know what to do with you all. Thank you everyone who sent me hugs and advice and love, you’re all too wonderful for words. I think I’m going to take some very good advice and take myself to bed with a mug of tea and Persepolis and hope that sleep comes quickly. I love you all <3

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oh, sweetie. i hope you feel better! i always love seeing your posts on my dash and it's a bummer you had a horrible day. don't worry, hon! just think of a few days from now when you'll be feeling way better!!!!!!

Thank you so much dearie! You are so sweet!!