Internet hugs!

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I think you're just absolutely wonderful. You're smart and funny and articulate and I admire you for your strength in dealing with life and what it seems to throw at you (what you've posted about your school etc.) ok sorry yes jolly good show.

So pretty!!

no u

(you’re a sweetheart thank you dear <3)

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Found myself here because of JSI, stayed because you're basically amazing and all the fics and the everything. That was a wonderfully written sentence.

(And it was a lovely sentence, thank you)

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I love garlic so much. I was driving to CA and passed three huge flatbed trucks full of garlic and I just wanted to lay in them and roll around because GARLIC.

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So, garlic appreciation society? Yes?

Because I mean, look at these beauties


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☺ and ✈ !

☺a screencap of anything you want 

I already did this one, but I whatever I’ll post another because I DO WHAT I WANT

This is the master document for Breathing’s Just a Rhythm, which I’m working on right nowThere’s probably going to be at least another fifty pages added to this before I’m done. Somebody help me, I’ve lost control of my life.

✈ where i most want to go 

EVERYWHERE. No seriously, I’ve hardly done any travelling at all, so my list of places that I want to go is enormous. I’ve never even been to Europe for goodness sake! But most of all I want to go to Italy, Rome specifically. I just…I need to. Badly.

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You’re not a lazy asshole. You’re a wonderful person. This doesn’t help you in the slightest but I just wanted you to know

Yeah, but I really am though. I’m in danger of failing my ONE CLASS that I’m taking this semester, all because I don’t have the self-control to stay off the internet and do my damn work. Like right now. I have no idea what I’m doing with this project, and while it’s partially the professor’s fault because she’s terrible, it’s also mostly mine. I’ve never been such a bad student before, and it’s scary as hell.

blargh. Sorry. I’m just really mad at myself right now and frustrated and freaked out. You are so sweet and lovely and I really, really appreciate it. *hug* Thank you.

To everyone who left me nice messages and hugs and everything:

I love all of you so much. Thank you. You all are so much better than whatever jerks left. I’m so lucky to know all of you, thank you.

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Well the last time you tried to pull one over on Arthur, Douglas, we were subjected to two flights worth of Surprising Rice and my stomach has never been the same.

And what exactly makes you think I failed in that attempt to “pull one over” on both of you? I’ll have you remember that my stomach was perfectly fine after that particular incident.

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Just like I have no idea why there is a lemon balanced precariously on Arthur’s seat, then?

Ah yes, that.

I was rather hoping the lemon would remain unnoticed by the clever detectives of MJN Air until the owner of the seat returned and sat down with all of his usual…enthusiasm. I think even you can guess the result I was aiming for, Sir.