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And then theyre gonna miss moffat.And I will laugh.

I will laugh and it will taste like tears of utter frustration and hopelessness

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most likely both.

And of course by good I mean absolutely not at all

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Is Douglas Earth or Fire?? What about the rest of them, Arthur and Carolyn and Herc etc?

Carolyn - ABSOLUTELY a firebender. With that temper and that fierce loyalty to the people she cares about she is definitely a firebender, which makes her even more of a terror when she gets to a level 8 or above.

Douglas - I’m a bit conflicted about Douglas, actually. At first flush I would definitely say that he’s an exceptionally strong airbender (much to Martin’s eternal annoyance and frustration), but now that I think about it I’m not sure he has the personality for it. Airbenders are flighty and spiritual and non-confrontational, absolutely none of which describe Douglas, so now I’m actually leaning more towards waterbender. He’s fluid and flexible, able to come up with new ideas and plans at a moment’s notice, not to mention slippery as hell.

Martin - I think I have to revise my initial statement actually. As tempting as it is to make Martin an airbender for obvious reasons, when it comes to personality he is an earthbender through and through. He’s solid, reliable, thorough, and hard working to the bone. Not to mention stubborn, which is the only reason he’s worked as hard as he has to excel in an area that should be completely foreign to him. And he’ll never stop dreaming about flying like an airbender, even though it’ll never happen.

Arthur - Airbender. Yes, Arthur. Who else can you say is flighty and free spirited and peace loving? Arthur’s not an especially strong airbender (although he does occasionally bring out some pretty amazing bending skills when they really need him to, surprising the hell out of everyone) but he has the temperament for it in spades.

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Thanks boo!

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Hahahahaha april fools of course you'll go places you silly goose. Moderately decent fanfiction writer my ass, you're fantastic and don't you ever forget that. With skills like yours you have the ability to whatever you damn well please in life, you badass you.

Thank you hun, I really appreciate that. I need to remember words like that, but it’s hard, you know?

I try to think positively about this kind of stuff, reminding myself that I just need to keep working at it and that everyone struggles, and that even though it’s really improbably that I’ll actually be able to do anything with writing it’s definitely not impossible. But then I remember that I’ve been working on this stupid book for months and I haven’t made any progress besides needing to start over, and then when I do try to start over I can’t write anything other than total crap. And then, well I start thinking like this.

It’d just be nice if I could write something…real that I could show to other people, you know? I don’t even know if that makes sense, but even with all the stuff I’ve written I feel like none of it counts because it’s all fanfic. If someone asked to see a piece of writing of mine I’d have to blush and stammer and make some excuse because what I’ve got to show is porn about fictional characters.

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oh my god its so perfect though holy shit

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Go write it yes ;3;

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Oh god but you seriously should write more of this when you can asdSGHJK;



Of all the ways that John had thought he would spend his evening when it began several hours ago, sitting in a pub sharing a beer with Greg Lestrade and trying to comfort the poor sod about his wife leaving him for their children’s P.E. teacher had not exactly been high on the list - and the fact that something so painfully normal as sharing a pint with a friend had not been under consideration as a likely way for him to spend a night instead of chasing after murderers and consulting criminals was a topic that he would have to file away and think about another day when there was less on his mind.

Because frankly this evening was shaping up to be one of the strangest he’d had in a while, ever since he first got the distraught phone call from the man he barely knew outside of the professional realm up until now as they started their fifth pint of the evening, and after a long silence spent staring moodily into beer Lestrade finally spoke in a voice so low he could barely be heard to ask, ”I don’t get it John, I just don’t - I loved my wife more than anything in the entire world, I was looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her, and it all went up in a puff of smoke as though the last fifteen years meant nothing…how can people hurt the ones they’re supposed to love like that, how am I even supposed to believe in love anymore?”

John blinked slowly and frowned into his beer as he contemplated his answer, reflecting on the casual cruelty of past girlfriends, the drunken neglect of an older sister who had left him to rot in traumatized silence, the abandonment of friends who had ignored his pain, but even as he struggled to find an answer he thought that he could not possibly give another memory swam to the surface of a warm laugh ringing through a darkened flat, the strains of violin music drifting to chase away nightmares, the tenderness that he never thought possible, and a smile ghosted over his face as he answered quietly, “When I came back from Afghanistan I didn’t think I would ever know how to be happy again, much less ever find love in a world that had forgotten all about me…I know it’s hard to believe sometimes Greg but love does still exist, and if some dumb sod like me can stumble into it with my eyes closed I know you can too.”

John could scarcely believe what had just come out of his mouth but it seemed to have been the right thing to say - and from the faint smile he earned in return, it even looked like Greg might believe him.

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I know how you feel. Seriously. So here are some cookies to munch upon whilst you let the frustration slowly ebb away. Really, though, people fighting about things is actually something that makes me want to break something. Anything. It's a bit ridiculous, really.

Thank you for the cookie dear, I will use it as motivation to finally finish this thing. 

But yeah, the whole arguing thing is really starting to get to me. Whether it’s people fighting over which character is better, fighting about fandom stuff, or even fighting over fighting, it’s just…gah. It frustrates me so much, and it takes away all of the fun from doing this. And I mean, isn’t the whole POINT of this fucking website and fandom in general to have fun? I’m certainly not getting any material benefit out of spending all my time here, the least I can expect is to have a good time. But no, people have to constantly bicker and put each other down and spread hate and spite and ruin it for everyone. I can’t even enjoy a new episode of Doctor Who that I genuinely loved for more than an hour before people start tearing it and each other to pieces.

If you couldn’t tell, fandom has been kinda getting me down lately. 

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I started following you because I read one of your fics, and I loved it. But I didn't start following you right away. It was probably a few weeks later, when I kept seeing you on the Cabin Pressure tag, and I realized it was you I kept seeing on your dash, and those had been your fics, I followed you. And a question: Are there any renditions/versions/adaptations of anything you wish you saw more of? Okay. I think that's it. Also I love you. Bye.

You are lovely, thank you. <3

Ooo, that’s a great question, and a really tough one. I kind of wish there were more well-written historical AU fics out there, because there aren’t many (that I’ve found) and I love them to bits. One of my favorite Sherlock fics ever is A Study in Blue, which is a Jazz era AU that is FABULOUS and I wish there were more stories like that. Of course by saying that I am setting myself up for disappointment because I am nitpicky as HELL when it comes to historical stuff, but I do wish there was more. 

buttergin answered your question: So do you all remember the ficlet I posted a few…

Maybe put them in a collection on AO3?

Hmm…I’ve never done a collection before so I’m not 100% sure how they work. Is it like a different type of series?